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Kishor / Haredi Women Professionals Network holds meetups about once a month. Click here to find upcoming events.

On this page, you can find a history of past Meetup presentations, including recordings, speaker information, downloadable handouts and slide decks (PowerPoint presentations). This represents a gold mine of professional resources: enjoy!

October 26, 2010: "How to Create an Elevator Pitch that Gets You Business"

Michael Eisenberg of

plus: Speed-Pitching event to give you immediate hands-on practice at implementing the lessons learned

As one participant said, "I got more out of this event than I did out of a 700 NIS course I attended. Thank you!"

Your Elevator Pitch is the 30-60 second description of what you do and why someone should work with you. (It's called an "Elevator Pitch" because it addresses the challenge: How would you explain your business and make a sale if you were in an elevator with your dream prospect and only had the time it takes until the doors open and they walk out?)

Why is having an Elevator Pitch so important? Even if you aren't in an elevator, you only have 30-60 seconds to make a powerful first impression. The attention span of today's average person is just 5 seconds before their mind starts wandering. You need to grab people quickly or you'll lose them.

Michael Eisenberg has been a key figure in Internet and software investing in Israel since 1995. He has played a central role in developing many of Israel's leading companies and startups. Michael was a partner at Jerusalem Global Funds and Israel Seed Partners before joining Benchmark Capital, where he is now a partner.

Michael is pitched to several times a day — at least. He knows better than anyone what makes a pitch great… and what makes one bomb. Michael's presentation was informative, entertaining and elicited great audience participation. The lessons learned were immediately implemented and practiced in the Speed Pitching session that followed.

June 28, 2010: "Using Comedy in the Workplace"

Hani Skutch of

This month, we learned and laughed!

We're delighted to have Hani Skutch at the head of the table, with insights into using humor and comedy in the workplace!

Hani's personable, friendly style makes her an audience favorite in Israel, where she has been performing since taking a comedy class from Jerusalem comedian David Kilimnick in the spring of 2007. Hani registered for the course hoping to get over her fear of public speaking. It worked, and she hasn't stopped talking since.

Hani enjoys performing to audiences of all types: religious affiliation, political affinity, and frequent flyer status make no difference. Hani has performed in a number of venues in the United States and Israel, and she headlines regularly at Jerusalem's Off the Wall Comedy Basement.

When not embarrassing her children, Hani can be found sleeping.

May 31, 2010: "Tools for Wordsmiths"

Leah Aharoni, AQText Translation

Tools for Wordsmiths.m4a

Tools for Wordsmiths_Kishor.pptx


The consensus, as expressed by one participant, was that "this presentation changed the way I work — starting today."

"Whether writing is your main competency or a necessary evil, chances are, you spend hours a day churning out words. In this workshop, I will share computer tools and programs that will help you write faster and more efficiently. I will also offer advice on how to avoid privacy, legal, and health risks, facing any computer user. (Yes, you got that right)."

Leah Aharoni is the owner of AQText Translation Services. For the past decade, she has combined her linguistic knowledge with cultural sensitivity to help her clients overcome the language barrier on their way to success. Visit Leah’s website or drop her a line at Leah also blogs at

March 15, 2010: "How to Talk to Your Kids About Money"

Debra Kodish, Founder and Managing Director, Keshet Capital

Debra Kodish is a long-time "insider" in Israel’s investment community with a successful track record of identifying promising investment opportunities and raising capital. Over the last 13 years she has built a network of contacts and developed the credibility required to gain access to companies and funds, managed by top-performing, established teams and the judgment and local knowledge required for picking the highest-potential emerging opportunities.

For more than 10 years Debra has been involved in raising capital for private equity, venture capital and hedge funds and technology companies, delivering approximately $100m of the over $1bn these groups raised in the Israeli market. Previously, Debra spent 4 years as a sell-side analyst, advising investors abroad regarding public investments in Israel-related companies. In that role she helped develop an investment/trading firm that within two years was trading over $500M per year on the TA Stock Exchange and within four years went public itself on the TASE.

February 17, 2010: Kishor Social Media Conference

Download the recordings by clicking here.

Keynote Speakers: HaRav Yitzchok Berkovits, Posek and Rosh Kollel, Jerusalem Kollel on “Halachic Issues Relating to Social Media Use.”

Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov, Founder and Director, Shearim College for Jewish Studies for Women on “What Place Does Social Media Have in a Torah Society?”

The Kishor Social Media Conference for Religious Women is open to all women who are interested in hearing a Torah view on usage of the internet and social media. This includes professionals who use the internet for business purposes, and parents and educators who want to know how their children and students are using the internet and social media applications.

Afternoon workshops will be offered on three tracks:

—The Professional Track is designed for the professional who wants to learn advanced skills and integrated uses for social media.

—The Introductory Track is designed for the individual who wants to have a basic understanding of social media tools and how to interact on the social web.

—The Educators Track is designed for parents, teachers and administrators who are concerned about the effects of social media on young people; and for educational institutions exploring how to reach young people by integrating social media for organizational use.

December 7, 2009: "Back to Basics: Marketing and Communications for Small Businesses"

Sarah Manning, Tikshoret Marketing

Sarah Manning BACK TO BASICS.pdf

Sarah Manning is a marketing and communications consultant with wide-ranging experience in business and charity marketing. Sarah graduated from Oxford University with a Masters degree in law, and trained at the Media Centre in London. In 2009, with over 25 years of experience, she founded Tikshoret Communications to focus on the needs of her impressive list of Israeli, UK and international clients.

October 26, 2009: “The Warning Track: Achieving Balance and Finding Fulfillment in Life”

Penina Taylor, Torah Life Strategies

We all need it, we all want it, but how do we achieve it? Discover the one simple principle which is the key to achieving balance in every area of our lives…

The Warning Track.mp3

Penina Taylor is the Executive Director of Shomrei Emet Institute and the founder of Torah Life Strategies, an organization devoted to using Torah-based principles to help individuals and groups achieve an abundant and fulfilled life. Penina started her journey into coaching as a homeschooling mother of four. Necessity being the mother of invention, it didn’t take her long to realize that there was a need within the homeschooling community for programming designed to help overworked moms accomplish their goals while finding balance and fulfillment in life. During the past 15 years, Penina’s Life Strategies Workshops have helped hundreds of single-income, single-parent and homeshooling families learn how to establish balance in their lives and accomplish their goals. An educator, international lecturer and author, Penina is also a trained crisis pregnancy counselor and narrative therapist.

September 7, 2009: "First Impressions Last A Long Time"

Esther Ohayon, Business Strategist, Brand Reputation Expert, & Online Marketer at RBS Marketer

— How to be a brand builder for your company & yourself

— Why your company needs a dynamic web presence

— Uncovering and promoting your product's perceived value

— How to create an identity and image that "talks" to your customers


— What is so important about personal branding?

— How do you share your authentic strengths, vision, purpose, values and passion with the world?

Web Presence Presentation.pdf

Esther Ohayon ( is a business strategist and brand reputation expert at RBS Marketer (, a web marketing company that specializes in assisting entrepreneurs assert themselves as leaders in their field. Spending most of her career helping companies and non-profits succeed in sharing their unique message with their target markets, both online and off, Esther zeros in on new trends, building brands and creating strategic partnerships. An expert communicator, both written and oral, she guides her clients to bring their vision to life by creating and optimizing their online presence with search engine optimization strategies, social media tactics and viral marketing initiatives.

July 26, 2009: "Why A 7-Minute Meeting Took An Hour and A Half: Simple Tools for Difficult Management Situations."

Dov Gordon, strategy and organizational development consultant at The Gordon Group

Take advantage of this special opportunity to hear an expert Executive Coach share insights and techniques that will help you run your business more effectively!

A 6-minute audio introduction was posted at the survey link:

Dov Gordon helps good business leaders become great business leaders who enrich themselves, their organizations and the societies around them. He will sharpen your focus, open your eyes to blind spots and give you more control over your business. You can learn more about The Gordon Group Management and Strategy Consulting at .


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