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I'm a new member.  I note that many of you really enjoyed the Social Media Conference so I'm starting this discussion to share updates and information on social media, web marketing and converting your online presence into profits.

Stay tuned for my updates,

Sarah Levin




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Susan Wojcicki needed help paying her mortgage in 1998 but last year the advertising programs she oversees at Google accounted for 96% of Google's revenues.  She's pleasant, makes sure her team gets recognition for what they do, is home with her kids for dinner every night and has made many, many AdSense millionaires.  


Mercury News refers to her as "The most important Googler you've never heard of". 


Sergey Brin and Larry Page were introduced to Susan Wojcicki by a mutual friend and rented her garage at 232 Santa Margarita Ave in California for $1700 a month where Google was born.

Reflecting on the house and what Google became Susan said:  "It's a very humble house, less than 2,000 feet, a cozy four bedroom home and incredibly historic.  It's a good reminder for the company that we did come from a small house, not a fancy house."


During the early stages the most common question Brin and Page were asked was:  "Who needs yet another search engine?"  The answer:  "Not another but a better search engine." 

Equipped with a "better search engine", Google's founders gave Wojcicki a shoestring budget and charged her with marketing the new search engine by herself.  She began by embedding Google's search box for free for universities and asked companies to license Google search on their websites.  The rest of the story is what comprises the past present and future history of the web.


In the race of time, where tomorrow is today, we have a number of takeaways from Google's early beginnings.  But first Susan.  What makes her so special for women like us is her work-family philosophy, setting clear boundaries between work and home.  She raised four children while conquering the web, didn't do any business travel while the children were very young and is home for dinner every night.


Setting boundaries is our primary challenge, can you share with us how do you set your boundaries?


In the next post we will explore "not another one but a better one" and sharing for free.

(source: USA Today  Mercury News)











What an interesting article! I didn't know about Susan Wojcicki... Thanks!



Sarah Levin said:








Matt wakes up with the sun and puts off looking at the computer for at least an hour.  He starts with the Kindle, reads Drucker, Godin and Buffett and works from home.  In 2008 he was on the road 212 days and clocked 175,000 miles which he notes is seven times around the globe and tried checking email only 5 times a day.  He shares this and more with readers in an article "The Way I Work".


He is the creator of Wordpress blogging software that has over 17 million sites.  Matt certainly made it BETTER.  How did he start and what are the fundamentals that perpetuate his continued success?


He set out to design open code software so that the average user can set up a website and blog with ease.  He set out to make it better and easier.  In an interview with webdesigner he shares:


"I wanted a simple blogging tool that was easy to install, easy to modify, and friendly with web standards… That idea of making it easy and hassle-free for anybody to publish online has stuck with us." 


Matt shares that after six years WordPress was easy enough for his mother to use. 


There are two more fundamental strategies that empower him to consistently "make it better".  He manages his team all over the world from home.  Team management, though, begins with his hiring policy.  He seeks to hire-


"…extremely self-motivated and curious people and then give them the autonomy to succeed. There’s no manager looking over anybody’s shoulder, so everyone needs to be self-directed."


And most importantly, he is LISTENING to his users and his goal is for his users to make money as they use his products-


"… we’re trying to set up a community that will be around 10 to 30 years from now…and it’s my responsibility to meet as many users as possible and direct the software in a way that reflects their interest. Last year I probably met 5,000 or 6,000 WordPress users, about half of them who make their living from it. We want to be like Google, eBay, Amazon — they all enable other people to make far more money than the company captures. "


At the end of the day, it's all about "MAKING IT BETTER".  Take it from Seth!


Do you Wordpress?  Tell us what you like (or don't) about it.


In the next post we will address the power of sharing for free.


(sources: The Way I Work - original, The Way I Work - annotated, WordPress, Web Designer)



Wonderful idea, Sarah - thank you! I'm excited to share:
 Inyan, the Hamodia Weekly Magazine, August 11, 2011 edition, pages 42 qand 43 features the historical fiction novel Grains Of Sand The Fall Of Neve Dekalim 

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