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Employing an important social media strategy I picked up at the recent Kishor conference, which is to provide value to your target audience, I have a great success story to share.

Putting this idea into action, I guest blogged an article entitled, "10 Ways to Keep the Media Coming Back for More," offering some pointed editorial advice to PR/marketing professionals. I then posted the article to a number of relevant LinkedIn groups and e-mailed the link to a bunch of PR colleagues. It seems that I really hit upon something here as the response has been amazing!

In addition to a bunch of kudos e-mails, LinkedIn Group discussion posts, and a reprint request, the article has received quite a few tweets, and even got picked up in social media expert Sarah Evans' "Commentz" daily round-up of Top PR-related blogs and articles this week.

Now if anyone has any suggestions as to how I can capitalize on all this, and perhaps pick up a client or two for free-lance business writing work, feel free to share your ideas!

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What a great story! Thank you for sharing your experience. Was there a particular presenter who inspired your post, or was it a general message?

Hi Sarah -- I probably picked up this idea from brief, one-on-one consultations with presenters Esther Ohayon and Debra Askanase. Oh, by the way, another reprint request just came in from, a respected corporate communications informational and professional development resource. So now my current question is... what's the next step to best leverage all this exposure?

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