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Social media tools have become a mainstay of business advertising and promotion. On the other hand, they represent significant risk to personal privacy, ethical boundaries and time demands. This course is designed for those of us who need to use these tools for businesses and will teach you how to decide which tools are appropriate for your purposes, how to deal intelligently with social media in business and how to keep yourself safe and within your personal ethical boundaries online.


This series includes in-depth discussions of the four most popular social media tools – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging, plus a complimentary capstone session on creating a social media plan for your business.  The 5-session series is being presented on Wednesday evenings in February with a special emphasis on using these tools safely, appropriately and with specific attention to privacy issues.


Safe Social Media for Business Women is being co-sponsored by Kishor and WritePoint.

Kishor members are entitled to a 10% discount for the series (360 NIS instead of 400 NIS).

All sessions will be held in WritePoint’s training center in Har Hotzvim’s Hi-Tech Park in Jerusalem (9 Hartom – 2nd floor).  For more information, directions to the training center and to register, please contact


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