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Successfully Building Homes and Careers LeSheim Shamayim

The Kishor Network is the place to network and share ideas and inspiration for balancing family and business for Torah life.

MP3 Recordings of Kishor's Social Media Conference!

You can now download MP3 recordings of the groundbreaking   2010 Kishor Social Media Conference and the third Kishor Conference in June 2012 in English and Hebrew.

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Temech conference 2013 carpooling?

Started by Michal Nancy Karni May 26, 2013.


Started by renee-josephs Jan 9, 2013.

Looking for an experienced investment/financial advisor

Started by Barbara (Rivka Elisheva) Bennett Sep 4, 2012.

Seeking Projector and Screen for Kishor Conference

Started by Sarah Manning Jun 4, 2012.


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